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Japan’s new naked restaurant will turn away anyone 'overweight, elderly or tattooed'

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J apan's first "naked restaurant" will be far less inclusive than its London counterpart when it opens its doors next month, imposing strict weight and age limits on its prospective patrons. If you get money from others, you have to listen to what the investors say. But even if it sounded really good it would have taken a lot of time and our schedules were too tight. I feel uncomfortable when I realize there is a certain expectation to fulfill. The situations Hak-kyu faces are enough to frustrate him, yet he has a strong ego and a sense of self-preservation. The Amrita , which takes its name from the Sanskrit word for immortality, is due to open in Tokyo on July 29, but has listed a number of regulations on its web site that fly in the face of the ethos of other naked restaurants, whose founders say the entire concept is for people of all shapes and sizes to eat out au naturel.

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