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Suffice to say, characters, such as the guy who picks up the hitchhiking Pam-Glo, remark on the contrast. Vicki Nelson, the acerbic heroine, comments, "No one likes a perky goth. After he got rolling, the witty religious rebel played off and played jokes on, off, and with his own image and reputation to a level you'd expect out of irony noted the Devil. Despite tending to wear dark clothes, keeping a dimly-lit and somewhat creepy-looking room, and wielding the element of death and destruction , Hotaru is a very kind and even joyful girl when she can be, especially when Chibi-Usa is around. As more material about the series came out including her brief appearance at the end of the "Yellow" trailer and once it officially started, however, it became clear that she was a bit more upbeat. Zanna from the The Last Dragon Chronicles has pale skin, and wears black make-up and black clothes, but is relatively happy and has fun a lot more than normal stereotypical goths.

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